Blue+Green Innovations has an in-house general contracting entity: B+G Design Build [ License # BC 33082 ] for use on our own residential and commercial construction projects. Our construction services include: New Construction, Renovations and Remodels, Job Costing, Value Engineering, Consulting, and Construction Management. Our unique Design-Build approach means that we take care of everything!

Advantages of a Design-Build approach include:

Single point of contact – With one source of accountability, owners won’t have to act as an intermediary between the contractor and architect/designer.

Better communication – With “design” and “build” professionals on the same team, potential problems can be uncovered sooner and communication among all parties is enhanced.

Shorter schedules – Because you start without a lengthy formal bid process and combine your contractor and design team, time efficiencies can be realized.

Quality control – A unified team removes ambiguities about materials and specs, leaving the architect/designer and contractor focused on delivering the client’s exact vision.